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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all customers connected to the Parkersburg Utility Board water and/or sewer utility systems regardless of residence outside or within the City of Parkersburg municipal boundaries. Customer agrees to comply with all Utility Board, Municipal, State and Federal policies, specifications, codes and regulations applicable to water and wastewater utility service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Use of only PUB approved pipe materials, sizes and installation specifications for new installation, repairs and replacement of service lines and plumbing.
  • All service line construction, repairs or replacement must be inspected or water service will not be provided or restored whichever is applicable.
  • No storm water or ground water connections are to be made to any sanitary sewer facility. This prohibition includes roof drains, driveway drains, foundation drains and any basement drains intended to remove ground water.
  • No cross connections between the public water supply and any other water supply is permitted.
  • Compliance with backflow requirements, fats, oils and grease regulations, wastewater pretreatment when necessary and maintenance of customer owned services pipes, valves and cleanouts.
  • An application submitted online or in person for water and/or sewer services guarantees the payment of all bills incurred for services under this contract.
  • Charges are based on a Customer Charge plus a Volume Use Charge for water and sewer utility services independently.
  • New service connections where not currently existing require a connection fee for each utility service, water and sewer.
  • Additional fees may be applicable dependent upon type of service.
  • Payment for services is due immediately upon issuance of monthly bill.
  • Security Deposits may be required on new accounts, tenant accounts and for customers without a record of timely payments.
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