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Consultation & Design

Our consultation and design team is knowledgeable of, and assists with, the following:

  • design and specification of materials
  • size of service
  • fall in lines or grade of pipe
  • locating services
  • determine manhole locations
  • pumping stations
  • grease trap specifications
  • elevations, pressures and flows
  • hydrant requirements
  • backflow requirements

We strive for practicality and proactivity for utility design work.

Typically, we adhere to the consultation process as follows:

  1. Developers, contractors, or individuals apply for a sewer tap or other design service.
  2. A consultation staff member meets with the customer on-site (usually at a home, multi-family housing complex, or rental unit) to check elevation and grade, survey the land, review logistics, and determine (and locate) available lines.
  3. From there, we will determine a reality-based site design plan. Typically, PUB uses fieldwork for design, and our plans involve building new lines.
  4. Then, we provide a cost estimate based on our property inspection and design plans.

PUB honors the value of its customers’ time. That’s why we use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping that is integrated with our asset database to accurately determine inventory and location of services upon each customer’s request. In addition, we mark underground lines, and are able to monitor sewer lines on video.

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