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Policies & Procedures


Sanitary Sewer

Application for Customer Service Pipe Connection

This application must be signed at the Parkersburg Utility Board Office, 125 19th Street, and represent a formal request for permission to install or repair a customer service pipe. If a sewer connection charge is applicable to the requested service, then the connection charge must be paid in full at the time that the application is submitted. A street address and a lot number are needed at the time of the application.

Permit for Customer Service Pipe Connection

If service is or can be made available, the board will issue a permit granting permission for the connection or repair of a customer service pipe. This permit will describe a utility service pipe location, length, and depth as indicated by PUB’s records. There can be no guarantee that the data is correct since many of the old records of the sanitary sewers are not accurate or complete. We recommend that the customer connection be located before proceeding with the excavation. No sewer construction can be performed before a permit for the work is issued.


All customer service pipe repairs or construction, whether on public or private property, must be inspected by PUB before any backfilling or excavation is performed. Inspections are regularly performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. To schedule an inspection contact the board office at 304.424.8535. Customer service pipe repair or construction that has not been inspected and approved by the board will not be accepted for use. Sewers which have not been inspected will have to be totally uncovered so that the inspection can be performed.

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