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The board oversees both of the plants’ daily water and wastewater operations, respectively. Our board is made up of five members who each serve staggered four-year terms. Four of the members are appointed by the Parkersburg City Council, while the fifth is the Mayor who serves as the Chairman of the Board. Board members are selected for their experience and expertise in engineering, construction, finance, business, etc., that relate to the operation of the utilities.

Board Members

  • Tom Joyce, Chairman of the Board
  • Gregory Herrick, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Mike Evans, Board Member
  • Paul Hoblitzell, Board Member
  • Robert Wright, Board Member


  • Eric Bennett, General Manager
  • Erin Hall, Comptroller
  • Christopher Pauley, Assistant Comptroller

Department Supervisors

  • Tom Hall, Water Distribution Maintenance
  • Tim Barker, Water Treatment Facility
  • Bob McCrady, Collection System Maintenance
  • Joseph Stephens, Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Anita Burns, Customer Service
  • Raymond Cale, Customer Service
  • Steve Eaton, Technical Services
  • Brad Flinn, Facility Maintenance

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